Changing Display Units (Mil, MOA, IPHY, Clicks)

Posted in Mil-Dot Ballistics FAQs

Mil-Dot Ballistics allows you to quickly switch what units the trajectory information is displayed in.  There are three different presets for elevation and windage information.  A linear measurement in imperial or metric units, and two user defined units that you can toggle between on the main display.  The user defined units are part of the ballistic profile definition so you can define the proper display units for each rifle/scope/load combination.

To toggle between the presets on the main display, double tap either the elevation or windage label.


To change the presets, edit the ballistic profile you want to update by tapping the settings button, selecting the Profile row, tap the profile you want to edit, and tap the edit button.  Scroll all the way to the bottom of the profile definition to the Trajectory Info section.

The available units of measure for trajectory information is:

  • Mil
  • MOA
  • IPHY
  • 1 Minute click
  • 1/2 Minute click
  • 1/4 Minute click
  • 1/8 Minute click
  • 1 cm / 100 m click
  • 1/2 cm / 100 m click
  • 0.2 mil click
  • 0.1 mil click
  • 0.05 mil click
  • 1" / 100 yards lick
  • 1/2" / 100 yards click